2016 Eye and Lip Favorites 

So when I was gathering my favorites I had a lot and so I thought I’d split it into 2 post. This on will be a little shorter then the face one but that will be posted tomorrow around the same time!

Anastasia Brown Definer in Chocolate 

Photo Credit:Sephora App

I currently don’t have this in my collection, because I used it up and bought a different brow pencil. This one is still my all time favorite and as soon as I run out of the one I’m using I’m going out and buying this one!

Makeup Geek and MannyMau Collection 

Out of all my new makeup I bought in 2016 I reached for this more then anything. I just fell in love with these eyeshadows and I get compliments a lot of the time I wear it.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 

This isn’t new to my collection but it’s my most reached to eyeshadows pallet. This is great for school and when I didn’t know what to do.

Benefit Roller Lash 

I think I bought this is 2016 I can’t remember. But I used it more then any mascara that’s for sure. Defeintly recommend trying this out. This is the only mascara my eyes lashes stay curled with.

Buxom Full on Lip Cream in White Russian

I’m definitely a lip gloss girl and this one was like all I used in 2016. I discovered this, this year because of KathleenLights and I just can’t help but put it down.

Colorpop Ultra Matte Lip in Time Square

This was defeintly the yearfor colourpop for me! I did a big haul I wanna say sometime this summer and it was mostly lip products. I’m not big on matte lips so these are an affordable option and this is a beautiful color.

Colourpop Matte Lippie Stix in Grunge 

These aren’t overly matte so I really enjoy this formula. And for me this was my go to lip when I wanted a dark lip.

Colourpop Creme Lippie Stix in Aquarius 

I know… I like nudes and KathleenLights a lot. But this was my favorite everyday lip. I don’t wear lip products a lot because I rent to just bite them off within a hour. But when I did it was probably Aquarius.

Thanks for reading this part and I hope to see you tomorrow for part 2!

What were some of your favorites? Link your posts because I want to see!

Let’s be friends one social media! My goal is by the end of February to have 75 followed on Twitter and 50 on Instagram. So I’d appreciate the help ❣



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