Innovation Beauty Brush Review

Those tooth brush looking brushes have been all the rave lately. I’m not going to spend that much on an Artis Brush but I did find something very similar. I bought mine at TJ Max for I think 15 dollars? I threw away the packaging I’m not sure why

My thoughts on the brush.

It was okay. I tried it with both my Too Faced Born This Way Foundation and my L’Oréal Lumi Foundation. It worked better with the L’Oréal formula. It blended the foundation on my face pretty well. It gave okay coverage. I don’t think with this brush you can achieve full coverage. You have to hold on to the back of the brush with a finger or it isn’t stiff enough. Extra work I just don’t want to do. But there were not brush lines after using it! No streaks just a smooth application.

I do not like this with powder products. My transluesent powder went on okay but not well. And it lifted the foundation when I tried bronzer and highlight, and didn’t blend it around well.

I would much rather use my Sigma Foundation Brush then this. It’s not all bad at all! Just not as good I suppose.

Have you tried any of these brushes from this brand or any other? I  want to know what other people think of them!

Thanks for reading

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