My Eyeshadow Collection

So I am going to start a little collection of posts where I talk about my makeup collection. I am not here to brag by any means! Makeup is my hobby and I guess you could say I can collect.

But this one I’m going to talk about my eyeshadows and what I think about them!

Naked Basic 

This is one of my most used pallets. I love it for everyday! I highly suggest getting a pallet like this in your collection. Just great mattes and a high light. You can go simple to smoky.

Naked Basic 2

This is a great one to. If I had to recommend one of the 2 it would be the first one. I like that this one is more cool toned and if I want a cool tone look this is a good option. The first 2 shades are a little to dark for fair skin to highlight and set.


I like this. I think it’s a little over rated and it could use a few more matte shades. If you want it get it! But don’t get it because of the hype. I had all 4 and got rid of the smokey and the naked 3. They just aren’t worth it.

Naked 2

Again it’s going to depend on what you like. This one is more cool then the original! I don’t know what one I like more. Again I wish it just had more mattes. And the shimmers on both of them can just be a little powdery and hard to blend

Lorac Pro

Probably my all time most used favorite pallet! I love this so much. It’s just so warm and has a great mixture of mattes and shimmers. Lorac shadows are my favorite, you’ll see this in the post!

Lorac Pro 2

Same the the Naked ones. This one is more cool toned. I love this and the shades work amazing! I use the original more.

Lorac Pro 3

I thought this was going to be a lot more pink honestly. It’s great. The matte shades are great the shimmers in this one have a few problems. I reviewed this one a while ago if you want to learn more 🙂

Lorac Mega Pro 2

This is a good one! A weird mixture of shades but you can make some amazing looks with this! If you are looking into buying a large pallet, I would try getting your hands on one of these!

ELF Mad for Matte

This was in my very first blog post actually! If you want an all matte pallet I would suggest this one. It’s 10 dollars I think. It’s great! I use it for my brows sometimes as well.

Morphe X KathleenLights

I did a review on this not to long ago. So I won’t go to in depth. I like it. For 15 dollars it’s amazing. I did buy 2 more Morphe pallets so I’ll see if I like those! Do you guys like Morphe? Let me know please!

Manny Mau Makeup Geek Pallet 

These shadows are amazing! The color scheme is a little off but I truly enjoy this. I just feel the last row doesn’t go with the first 2. But the quality is great! Review on this as well 🙂

Too Faced Chocolate Bar

This is probably my second favorite after the first lorac! The only problem I have is sometimes the shimmers will blend together to much. And yes mine broke 😞 I don’t think I’ll buy anymore pallets from Too Faced because they are pretty similar.

Colourpop and KathleenLights shades 

Honestly I don’t like the formula of Colourpop Shadows. I just can’t get a hang of them. But they are nice to have around. I did throw away 2 of them because they dried out.

Ulta Singles 

These are decent. They are shades I use to keep around if a pallet doesn’t have a transition, matte cream or highlight.

Random Singles 

These are from birthdays or subscriptions. I don’t use them but they are pretty shades to have!

Thanks for reading! I suggest any makeup lover to do posts like this. Show off what you love and don’t care about other people 🙂

Let’s be friends one social media! My goal is by the end of February to have 75 followed on Twitter and Instagram. So I’d appreciate the help ❣



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