Sephora Play:January 2017

Yay! My first box of 2017. Also yesterday was the first day of my last semester at the college I’m going to. So sorry if posts aren’t here I’m gonna have a busy semester!

But let’s get into this months bag. I think it’s like “workout themed”. The bag itself is adorable. It has a cute quote and the back is all mesh. And I love mesh! 

Ouai Treatment Mask 

It’s a before shower treatment. You put it in for 5-10 minutes before you wash your hair. It’s meant for damaged hair. It says heat from your head can help it soak in “like during a workout.” I don’t know about you but when I work out (WHEN) it’s more then 5 minutes so that probably won’t happen. I might use this my next hair was day though. The only thing is said the bottle might be one treatment so that’s not a great sample.

Tarte Frxxxtion Stick

It looks like a glue stick.. but it’s a cleanser for your face. It says when face is damp to swipe on skin the use hands to wash. It is an exfoliater so it says to only use 2-3 times per week. It says you can also use it as a mask. This product just gives me weird vibes.

AmorePacific Cushion Compact

These looks.. well not like foundations 😏 They are CC cushion products for your skin. It says pink undertones so that won’t work for me. And the shades are dark but it says fair skin tones can use the almond shade as a contour. I might try that but this products doesn’t scream my name.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

It’s a sheer lip color. And it’s really sheer! That was at least 3 swipes on my hand. Not much to say, we all know how these work.

Tory Burch Love Relentlessly 

It’s mature. I feel like the past few perfumes have been mature from Sephora Play. It’s not bad I just don’t see me wearing it. Top note:pink pepper, middle note: orris root, base note:patchouli

Youth To The People Acid Age Prevention Cream

It’s an all natural face cream made with kale,spinach and green tea. I’ve never heard of this brand, they might be new. It feels like a good day time cream so I’ll give it a go in the morning and hope it doesn’t break me out!

That’s all this month. Honestly I’m not a fan of this bag at all. Well the products in it. I love the bag itself. I’m not excited to try any of these. So I give this bag a 2 out 5. Because the hair mask and cream might work for me.

Did you get these products? Do you get Sephora play. Let me know!

Thank for reading 🙂

Let’s be friends one social media! My goal is by the end of February to have 75 followed on Twitter and Instagram. So I’d appreciate the help ❣



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