Makeup Empties

I’m gonna talk about the makeup I used up and what I thought about it!

Maybelline Better Skin Conclear in Ivory

I really enjoyed this. I still have my tan shade and love it. If you are looking for a good drugstore conclear check out any of the maybelline ones!

Lorac Eye Primer

This is my all time favorite eye primer! I think this came with my lorac 3 eyeshadow pallet. Highly recommend if you are looking for a tinted eye primer!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Again my all time favorite! It’s great for dry skin and I already purchased the full size one. If I had to suggest any primer ever it would be this one!

Smashbox Primer Oil

This is good. I enjoyed it. Don’t use this if you have oily skin but for my dry skin it was good and not to oily. I doubt I’ll purchase it though.

Smashbox Primer Water

Do you see a trend? I love Smashbox primers. I keep trying to love this and I don’t. I used it up when I traveled as a setting spray. I just think this is water.

Urban Decay Chill Setting Spray

I’m pretty sure I meantioned this before. I go through this like water! The best setting spray I ever used. It’s so refreshing and really makes my makeup last.

L’Oréal Brow Stylist Plumper in Transparent 

This is good. I like my ulta one better. If you are looking into this I would suggest the tinted ones! I just don’t think this kept my brows locked in as good as it could. If something touched them they moved.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara 

This was actually really good! I think I meantioned it in monthly favorite. I probably won’t ever buy it but it was a really amazing mascara.

Smashbox X Rated Mascara 

I don’t remember using this much so I don’t think I liked it. It didn’t wow me to remember it!

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Best mascara on the market for me! I like it better the roller Lash even. If you haven’t tried benefit mascaras you need to!

That’s all my makeup empties! Thanks for reading!

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