Morphe 35N

I’m pretty sure everyone on here has had of Morphe some point in your life. I never really thought about buying makeup from them because I hear a lot of rumors. But after a few people I know personally said they were amazing I decided to invest. I bough two pallets. 35N and 35P. I also owned the KathleenLights collab before this. I have a lot of experience with eyeshadows. They’re my favorite makeup to use! So I’ll give you my thoughts on this.

So the 35N is an all neautral matte pallet. 

First I’m gonna review and then I’ll do swatches. I liked it. I think these goes for 19.99 on they’re website. I may be wrong. I’ll link it here.

The shadows are good, not amazing but easy to work with. Some of the colors you really have to build up but they are pretty bendable. I tried to use every color before I have a review. I think there was only 2 I didn’t use. There is some fall out sometimes but nothing over the top. And the pigment isn’t bad. It’s there most of the time.

Something I don’t like is all the browns are the same. Once you put them on your eye they all just blend into the same color. So all the light browns are the same to me as with the dark ones. And from what I can see Morphe has no idea how to make a black eyeshadow. I tried both and they just don’t have a lot of pigment to them!

With this said you can create a lot of looks with this. Again just be careful of the browns. There is one look I plan on posting hopefully here soon that I did really like when I used this!

I do wish they had at least one more light lid shade to highlight and set the lid. My fair skin can’t really use the lightest shade as a highlight.

Also no mirror! I understand the plastic packaging doesn’t go well with a mirror but I need my eyeshadow pallets to have a mirror.

I give this pallet a 3.5 out of 5. It’s good, definitely adorable and you can always find coupon codes out there.

Here’s the swatches by row!

You can’t even see the lightest 2 shades on me

As you see the darker the shade the better the pigment

If you already have an all matte pallet skip on this. Urban Decay has a line of all matte palletes with their Naked I would recommend those over this.

I will continue to use this just because I bought it, but it’s nothing out of this world.

Have you tried any makeup from Morphe? Let me know what you think about it? And if you haven’t do you want to try anything from them? Please let me know 🙂

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