Smashbox + Casey Holmes

I have a little review for you today! If you don’t know who Casey Holmes is, she’s a yotuber. An amazing one at that! I highly recommend checking out, especially if you have oily skin. I don’t but I still love her! She’s one of those Youtubers you feel like your sitting down with one of your friends and talking about makeup.

But any way, she recently collabed with the brand Smashbox to create high light trios. I ordered Pearl and there is also one called Gold. This is what I think of it.

It’s great! The colors are perfect for my fair skin. Or currently when I’m all tanned up! The first two or more “suttle” shades while the last Blow A Fuse is banging!

I like to highlight almost everywhere. I do have very acne prone texture like skin. My cheeks don’t get to bad, but my chin does and I like to highlight there. This doesn’t exphasise my texture like some on my other highlighters do.

It was around 35 dollars, which for 3 highlights is amazing I think. I recommend checking these out! Go to your local Sephora or ulta or Macy’s wherever you buy makeup and swatch them. You won’t be disappointed 😊 the one thing I don’t like is the packaging kind of. Once you take it out of the box there is nothing that says Casey Holmes. And the sticker feels cheap. But that’s it!

Turn it on and Crank it up mixed

Crank it up and Blow a fuse mixed

Thanks for reading! Have you tried either of her palletes? What are you thoughts on them?

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