Skin Care Empties:March 

I have more empties for you!

Jergens Istant Sun

This is an amazing affordable self tanner! You can buy it at Walmart. I suggest using a mit and waiting about 8 hours. The smell does linger for a day or two though.

Simple Micellar Wipes

These are good! They come in close with my Neautrogena ones. They worked well, no strong smell and got most of my makeup off.

Neautrogena Wipes

These are my favorite wipes. Very wet, they take off everything!

Yes to Tomatoes Charcaol Wipes

These were good. Not sure why I bought two though. A little drying because they are for acne. Not sure if I’ll every buy them again. Them being black where cool though.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost

This is the only face cream I found that is hydrating enough and does not break me out. LOVE IT

Maybelline Baby Lips 

I think this is the first chaptsick that I’ve ever used up! I do love it, already on my second one 🙂


I decided not to talk about every single one of these really. The Youth to the People cream was amazing! And the Origins eye cream was great! The rest I don’t honestly remember much about… whoops!

Those are all my skin care empties! Thanks for reading ❤

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