Morphe 35P

A while ago I did a little review on the 35N. Take a look at that to! Want to buy the 35P? Link here.

I enjoyed this one a lot more then the 35N. I just have a lot of matte neutral palettes and that one isn’t my favorite.

But I don’t have anything like the 35P. It’s a good cool toned/purple palette. I reach for this a lot more often then I thought.

I know a lot of people don’t like cool toned shadows but I love them! And purple looks good with my brownish eyes.

Unless Morphe comes out with some crazy unique amazing pallet I don’t see me buying makeup from them any time soon.

I don’t own the 35O or I don’t want the new one just released. They just match all my other eye shadows you know.

Swatched by row!

The last color is a little chunky. 

The 5th shade in is weird. Very streaky. And the first shade is just to yellow on my skin tone.

Not sure why the 3rd shade is not swatching well. The rest of the row is beautiful.

The third shade is like dirt with some purple craft glitter. The last one very pigmented! But chunky. 

I don’t like Morphe black shades. This is my 3rd try from them. And black is just isn’t there.

I would say I don’t like 5-7 shades in here. But out of 35 that isn’t bad! If you’re in the need of a cheaper purple pallet check this out!

Thanks for reading! What’s your favorite Morphe pallet?

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