Colourpop Aquarius Collection

This isn’t really a review. I’ve done a few review on colourpop I think before. This is more just me talking about the collection.

Colourpop Lip Haul

Satin Lips



If you know me, I’m a huge KathleenLights fan! I try to get everything she makes or collabs. The only things I haven’t got are her Ofra collabs because I’m not big on liquid lips or her Makeupgeek highlighters because I know nothing about those.

If you have tried any highlights from Makeupgeek let me know! It may just pursue me to buy her trio.

So a while ago she came out with the Aquarius trio. She already had the Aquarius lippie stick and lippie pencil. 

It’s one of my most used lipsticks for sure! I just love the color. I was finally able to get the trio of Aquarius! And so far I like it. Honestly I’ve only used to gloss from it, but I love the gloss. And the colors of all of them of course!

The Ultra Glossy Lip( I think this is a Creme finish) 

Ultra Satin 

Ultra Matte 

In the last swatch you can see all the tiny differences they have 

Either way I love this collection and really can’t wait to dive into it! 

What should I buy from colourpop next?! Let me know your favorite thing from them!

Also are you a KathleenLights fan? Do you own any of her collabs or nail polishes?

Thanks for reading ❤

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