Collective Haul

I know a lot of people have bought stuff because Ulta and Sephora both had they’re sales. I had a basket full on Sephora, and then Ulta emailed me with 20% off! I like ultas point system better and 20% off V 15% off?!

But I also bought some other things lately so I thought I’d share

ULTA 20% off Platinum Sale

Some of these are repurchases (most of them) but I’ve been dying to try to Modern Renisiance Pallete. Also at Ulta I cashed in all my points this order!

Sephora 15% off VIB sale

I only buy the Beauty Blender when they have sales. It is my favorite sponge but there are just so many cheap alternatives I don’t think it’s worth it. And also I needed a good deep cleaning shampoo


Review coming soon!

Read the review here!


Best powder out there!

Link me to your recent haul if you have one! Do you enjoy Ulta or Sephora? I’d love to know!

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