Colourpop Double Play

So a while ago Colourpop started making powder products! Which is awesome because honestly I’m just not a fan of the other ones. They work and all just not what I like.

So I heard a lot of hype of the blush and highlight duos and decided to grab the one in the shade Double Play.

I give the packaging an A! It’s so cute and I really love the mirror inside of it. Now for the products. They work amazing! I really enjoy the blush it’s like a very orange warm peachy blush. In the pan it looks almost like a bronzer but it’s super orange I would not recommend that

The highlight it’s self is amazing. But I’m to pail for it! I haven’t tried it when I’m tan but I plan to.

So overall this product is amazing! I want to look into the other shades they have!

The blush reminded a lot of the orange blush from the ELF light blush kit. I gave the kit away but kept that one blush. Here they are side by side 

They are pretty similar but you can tell the difference. But in my opinion if you have one you don’t need both.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you tried any of the powder colourpop products!

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