Maurices Haul June 2017

If you’ve followed me for a while you know I work for maurices. So I’m surprised I never did one of these before. I really want to incorporate more fashion into my blog so expect more of these. If you like any of these items, go online and search the number I include!

InMotion Bottoms with Spandex #85289

Size medium

Lightwash Bootcut Vigoss #18598

Size 9/10 Short

Tie Dye Land of the Free Tank #18989

Size Medium 

You ain’t worth the Whiskey Top #18196

Size Medium

Rock and Roll Hoodie #41078

Destressed Hem Maroon Tee #18654

Size Small

24/7 Blue Tee 96225

Size Small

Printed Capri Pants(I’m super short so I use them as normal pants, they are labeled as Capri/crop) #18311

Size Medium

Camo Hat #98380

I am hoping to find a camera to take better pictures with, or someone to take pictures of me! But until then thanks for reading ❤️

Let’s be friends on social media! I am really trying to build my twitter following so I will follow back!



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