Current night time skin care 

Hi guys! I’ve been debating about doing this because I don’t have the best skin but I thought why not!

My skin type is dry or in the summer normal to dry. It is very sensitive and acne prone. I’m on a look out for an acne treatment and acne scar treatment. So if you know of any please let me know 🙂

Step one: Remove my makeup. I usually just use a makeup wipe to do this. But if I take a shower before I take off my makeup I use the Philosphy Purity face wash. I go between makeup removers. My two favorite are by Simple and Neautrogena. But I’m always testing out new ones.

Step two: cleanse the face. To do this I use the Yes to Carrots cucumber soothing wash and my Foreo 2 for sensitive skin. I know the Foreo is expensive but I have seen a huge difference in my skin! It not longer just peels when it’s dry, my face feels cleaner, acne spots aren’t as bad. I also use this wash because if my face is moisturized and calm my dark purple acne spots aren’t as purple. This also removes any makeup that didn’t come off in the step above 

Step three: a mask or exfoliating treatment. This isn’t done everyday. I do a mask once a week and exfoliate once a week. One different days of course. I recommend adding a mask and exfoliate treatment to your routine. You can get a mask to do both! It just makes my skin at least feel so much better and makes my makeup look so much better. The mask I love right now is the L’Oréal Pure Clay Mask and the exfoliater I use is the Orgins Modern Friction. It gets all my dead skin off so well! And keeps my skin exfoliated for a while. It’s on the pricy side but so worth it!

Final step moisturize. At the end of the night I’ll put on my moisturizer and whatever eye cream I have. I also use the Neautrogena Hydro Boost for extra dry skin. I use this morning and night. It doesn’t break me out and isn’t super heavy. Highly recommend and it’s at the drugstore. 

Here’s a picture of my face all bare. All the dark marks are acne scars so any help I can get on those I’ll take! But this is how I handle my super dry skin! 

Thanks for reading! Have a skin care routine? I would love to read it❤️

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