Skin Care Empties:June 2017

I feel like these get repetive but I just like writing them so oh well! There’s finally some different products in this one. I hope everyone has a good 4th of July tomorrow!

But first let’s start with the obvious ones

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Extra Dry Skin 

Do I even need to talk about these anymore?

And of course the Neutrogena Makeup Removers 

I also used up a Simple Micellar Wipes 

I get these every once and a while. But they arent my favorite

Pur-lisse Blue Lotus Seed Mask 

This is actually one of the best masks I’ve ever used! It really made a difference for my skin

Purity by Philosophy 

I’ve gone through a few of these! It’s a great cleanser

Yes To:Cucumbers Soothing Face Wash

This is currently my favorite face wash. I think I’m on my 3rd bottle of this.

The Organic Farmcy Lip and Eye Cream

I only used this as an eye cream. If I remember right it made me break out around my mouth. But as an eye cream it was really good!

Origins GinZing Eye Cream 

This was good. I think it was making my makeup break up so I was only using it at night, but it really isn’t that heavy. But it did brighten my eye up.

That’s all I have. I didn’t go into to much detail because I just posted an updated Skin Care Routine. Go read it for more information one some of these products!

Thanks for reading! Let’s be social media friends



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