July 2017 Favorites

I have been working so much this month that I have no time to blog! Or do anything for that matter. So I haven’t been trying new makeup I’m trying to save up some money so that means no buying!

I did do a small ulta hual on my snapchat if you want to check it out! Just some things I ran out of. @justjess.96

I only have two things to share. Most everything else I’ve been using has just been products I’ve talked about before.

Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour palette 

Look how used up this baby is! Ignore the first pan it broke 😭 which sucks because that was my favorite contour shade for when I’m pale. But I’ve been self tanning a lot! So I use this to brighten up my under eyes and the medium shade to bronze/contour my face when I’m tan.

Loreal Lumi Liquid Glow in Golden 

I’m not huge into this for my face. But like I said I’ve been tan so I use this to add a glow to my body. I’ll add it to my shoulders and chest. If I want an extra glow I’ll top it with another powder highlight. It’s stunning!

Well that’s everything! Thanks for reading. Leave me your favorites!

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