Three Reviews in One!

So I wanted to talk about some makeup. But I didn’t want to do a seprate post for each. So I’m gonna talk about them all here and what I think about them.

Maybelline Great Lash Big Mascara
So I needed a cheep mascara before my Ulta order showed up. So I grabbed this. It’s was I think 5 dollars at Walmart! It’s a voluminous mascara, so I didn’t love it. But it works! For 5 dollars you can’t beat it. But it’s not good for your lower lashes at all! 

Pacifica Coconut Blush Duo 
My mom get this from Ipsy but gave it to me. It works. The orange one is a pretty color. The more pink one makes me look sick for reason. They. Are super powdery so they are kind of hard to work with

NYX Happy Birthday Eyeshadows 

So like most NYX shadows there are hit and miss. Like the orange one had almost no pigment on the eye, same with the shimmery purple. It just blended into mud. But that dark brown and other shimmers! Amazing. Pigmented, blendedle. They were super good. So if Ulta offers this for your birthday go grab it! It’s free. 

Thanks for reading!

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