Hair Care Empties September 2017

Hey guys! How’s your weekend? Mines great! I hope everyone is getting ready for fall soon. I know I am.

Here are my hair care empties!

Batiste Deep Dark Dry Shampoo

This is my favorite dry shampoo. It doesn’t leave any white in my hair! I don’t use dry shampoo often maybe once a week. My hair is pretty trained but I still really like this.

Safe Shampoo

This is my everyday shampoo. I don’t Shampoo everyday but most days I use this. I have a really dry scalp and dandruf so this solves both of those. Also it keeps my hair super healthy! If you’re interested I buy mine off Amazon.

Macadamia Hair Masque

I talk about this all the time. This and my Sage shampoo are an awesome combo. This bring hydration back to my hair and keeps it soft and healthy. I went to get my hair trimmed recently and tangy hair stylist complimented how healthy my hair was! I blame these two items.

Tresemme Heat Protection

This is my favorite. And I’m guessing everyone else’s to because I always have a hard time finding it. I feel like this really helps protect my hair, doesn’t weigh it down like some protectors and doesn’t smell bad. It’s the best! Highly recommend.

That’s all I have. Let me know your favorite hair care product so I can check it out!

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