Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Review

This has been long awaited (at least on my part). I’ve been using this for a few weeks to give it a fair review. So here we go! Just to let you know as well I just self tanned, I’m usually pretty pale.

I did finger and brush swatches. No primer or base underneath. 


Brush Swatches 

So obviously with a brush it isn’t as pigmented. I did a single swipe on each to get the same amount of pressure. So for pigment I give a 6 out of 10. Again the black sucks. I’ve said this about 3 times Morphe can’t make a black shadow… and for the shimmers, I have to use my finger or I just get chunks of glitter no matter what shade it was. Here’s a picture of a brush swatch v a brush swatch with fix+

Now for blending. Some of them are good some aren’t good. The darker colors are messy. Harder to blend. I had quite a few bad blending days with this palette. So I give it a 5 out of 10.

On the plus side they wear all day! They last forever on the eye. I also don’t like palettes without mirrors. I didn’t expect it with this one but still. 

Do I think this is worth the money? Honestly no, I wish I didn’t buy this. But I did. I’ll use it. I love Jaclyn but this just isn’t amazing or worth the hype.

If you used this please let me know! I’d love to know what you think.

Let’s be social media friends as well!




5 thoughts on “Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Review

  1. shaztait says:

    Love the honest review! Super disappointed about the pigmentation. I have a few Morphe palettes and I always seem to stick to the same colours because so many are very hard to blend or it’s just invisible. Still love the eyeshadows though! X

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