Sephora Haul-Using my points!

I rarely order from Sephora. If I can get it at ulta I prefer to go there. But they just opened a Sephora in the mall I work in. So we’ll see how my no shopping there goes.

But anyway they are the only place that holds on of my shampoos. So I decided to make an order. But they aslo have some of the holiday collections. And I just decided to use all my points!

Tarte Collection

Here’s what I got with all my points!I threw away the foundation samples they are all to dark. The bronzer looks really nice. And I’ve always wanted to try a blush from them! The mascara and powder look nice as well. This was either 250 or 500 points 

Versace Bright CrystalThis actually smells so good with my body. And it’s such a cute small little bottle Orgins Charcoal Mask

I’ve used this before and just thought why not!

I got another face mask! I love testing out face masks.

What I bought!

CoverFX Drop Set

I’ve never tried these! But everyone raves about them. So I probably will review these! But I’ve swatched them and they look so beautiful.

Bumble and Bumble Sunday shampoo 

I use this once a week. It just really washes my hair without drying it out.

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