What I think of tarte/ my tarte collection

If you read my Sephora Haul you saw I got a tarte set using some points. So I’ve been playing around with those and I have some things I already have. I am going to give it a 1 out of 5 rating and tell you guys why I think that. 

Tarte Shape Tape

5/5. This is the best full covarge conclear. A little goes a long way! 

Amazon Clay Bronzer

4/5. This is a shimmery bronzer. And works amazing for my pale skin! It does take a little to build up. So dark skin probably wouldn’t like it.

Amazon Clay Blush and Highlight

Blush-5/5. I’ve been wanting to try one of their blushes forever! It’s amazing. Last all down. And isn’t to pigmented.

Highlight-3/5. It seems chunky. I can’t even use this shade it’s way to dark. It was a free item from ulta. But I bet it could be blinding if you had a deeper skin tone.

Gifted Mascara

3/5. This is a good everyday mascara. I would never buy it honestly. But it does a good job on my lashes.

Lip Products

Gloss-4/5 It stays on and is super pigmented!

Lip stick-3/5 it’s meant to be sheer. But nothing comes up! Not my favorite.

Swatched of the products 
Let me know your favorite tarte product!

These are all good. Some I just wouldn’t buy! Thanks for reading 

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