Are the CoverFX drops worth the hype?

I know I’m so late on these! But Sephora had a mini holiday gift set and I thought this is when I should buy them! So the ones I got are all mini, but even before I tried these I knew it would take me forever to get through a full one. And this way I can try all 4! Are there only 4? I honestly don’t know.

So I swatched them all for you guys! Sorry I got a new phone and I can’t figure it out 100% so they aren’t fully focused.


Celestial(my favorite)


Rose Gold

So I’ve used these in multiple ways. As a highlight over and under foundation and over powder. All over the face for a glow and mixed in with a foundation. And as an eyeshadow.

So I like these. They dry fast! So you have to work fast or you can we like the spots you applied it to your face. My finger is my favorite way to apply and blend it. A brush and a sponge works well to.

I like them mixed with foundations the best, but I already use pretty dewy foundations.

So are they worth the hype? If you enjoy liquid highlights yes! 100% buy these, they are blinding and amazing. If you aren’t maybe they aren’t. They’re good, but I don’t reach for them everyday. But if the holiday set is available I would say try them for yourself! Especially with the VIB sale coming up.

Here’s where you can buy them

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