Hair care empties December 2017

Hi guys! It’s my last empties of the year. Like woah! I want to say this year flew by but it didn’t and 2017 was actually a super hard year for me! I’m thinking next year maybe doing monthly recalls of my life just so you guys can know me a little more. That I have a bad memory so it will help haha.

But this is gonna be a short post! I don’t use to much on hair so here we go!

Sage special formula shampoo

If anyone has a really dry scalp or dandruff I’d recommend this shampoo! It helped my so much! I get dandruff bad sometimes and it gets worse to more I don’t wash my hair. But I don’t wash it a lot so this keeps it at bay! I’m not currently using this shampoo because my hair is colored! So this doesn’t have anything that will strip color I just don’t have hair that holds a color well so I use items to help it stay.

Btw here’s a picture of my hair that I love so much!

Bumble and bumble Sunday Shampoo

I use to wash my hair 3/4 times a week. Now I wash it two. But I would wash it on Sunday! And before I colored it I would use this. This will strip colored hair!! But it really would deep clean my hair from product and oils and it’s amazing. And doesn’t dry out the hair when it does. It’s meant to use once a week just to really deep clean your hair.

I used up one 16 oz and one 8 oz. I don’t use condition I just use this mask whenever I was my hair. I let it sit for a few minutes and rinse it out, usually with cold water. Which helps because now I can only wash my hair on cold water which is torture for someone who enjoys burning hot showers. But I love this mask! I get mine at TJ maxx and you get a good deal! You can also get them at Ulta.

But that’s all I have! If you have any hair products you recommend let me know. Especially for colored hair!

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