A retail rant. Blogmas Day 4

Today has been a day. So Sunday I was working. If you guys know I work in a clothing store in our local mall.

I understand the holidays can be stressful for everyone. I’m here working long hours away from friends and family so you can buy gifts or maybe an item for your self. My job is to help sell and make our store money.

If you decide to come and be rude to me or anyone other retailer for no reason it makes our day even harder. When we ask you how your day is it’s not hard to say good how’s yours? You rolling your eyes, saying your just looking, or just straight ignoring us when we KNOW you hear us sucks.

I am not below anyone. I work my ass off and if you can’t be respectful to me then don’t go out shopping. They make online shopping! Go there where no one will talk to you. Because that’s our job.

So if you’re shopping this holiday season pleas take time to be nice to the workers. Because we’re the ones working. Not you.

But anyway.. hope everyone is having a good holiday season! Love Jess ❤️

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