CoverFX Illuminating Lose Powder(Blogmas Day 3)

Hi guys! So I bought this powder to take with me on my travels. I needed what I thought was a translucent powder that was good for traveling. So I found this at the checkout at Sephora.

Let me talk about how I like it.

The packaging for travel is amazing. It twist so the powder doesn’t fall out and it really worked. So I used this in Florida and wanted to test it out a little here in Wyoming as well since it so much dryer here.

As a setting powder I actually really love this! Since it’s illuminating is gives my face a good glow and sets my foundation and lasts a long time.

If you have oily skin I wouldn’t recommend this or if you have texture. It can empathize it a little.

But for baking. Oh god no! It makes your face so shiny that you can’t bake with it at all.

If you’re a baker I would skip on this. If you’re looking for an all over powder for a dewy look I highly recommended!

I got the shade light of course but they have a medium and dark shade as well.

Let me know you’re favorite translucent powder!

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