Huda Beauty Smokey Obessions (Blogmas Day 7)

We’re a week into Blogmas! Yay I’ve posted everyday for a week. I’ve never done that before.

If you guys are up to date in the beauty world Huda Beauty has taken off. I’ve never tried any of her makeup until I got this tiny guy. I think they’re the obsession palettes and there are 4 different ones the chose from.

I got the one is Smokey because it would be the one I use the most. They retail for 27 dollars which I don’t think is bad you get 9 shades. It’s very small and compact with a mirror. Awesome for traveling. But as soon as I opened it my black was broken!

It did get sent to my parents and then they drove it up to me so I’m not sure where it broke in this trip.

But let’s get into the swatches first!

Finger swatches

I dragged my finger once across the pan. They are so smooth and creamy even the mattes.

Brush Swatches (No fix+)

Again one swipe across the pan

From what I read her glitter shades are suppose to be used with a finger so I’m not mad about how they come out with just a dry brush

Brush swatches with Fix+( I cleaned my brush it a brush cleaner and waited for it to dry. As well this will only be with the glitter shades)

So what are my thoughts? I love this so much! I want to get the other 3! (Maybe not the bright one I don’t know if I’m that brave) but this is awesome. The only color I’m not impressed with is the silver one. But I don’t reach for that color much so I’m not bad.

You can create some awesome looks with this palette. And I’m very impressed.

If you have tried any of her makeup let me know!

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