2017 Favorites!

Can you believe 2017 is almost over! This is crazy. This year has been a crazy year for me. A lot has happened and I’m so happy it’s done!

A lot of my go to products were in my last year favorites! So I’ll link those and you should go look.

Eyes 2016

Face 2016

Modern Renaissance

If you’ve tried these eyeshadows you would know why this is here! I’ve tried a lot of shadows and these are the BEST

Smashbox Spotlight Palette-Pearl

This is in the Casey Holmes packaging. And I wish they would just keep it that way. But this is an amazing highlight. They have a darker one as well.

LA Girl Pro Coverage

This has been my go to this year. This bottle is almost empty. It’s a medium to full coverage dewy foundation. The only thing this is the lightest shade and right now it’s a little to dark for me

Tarte Shape Tape

Again this is everyone’s favorite! It’s for a good reason. This is the best full coverage concealer. It can make any bad foundation day a good one.

I think for new products I didn’t mention last year this is what I have! If you have 2017 favorites I want to know!

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