Colourpop Shadows-Dream St

I’ve never tried Colourpop presses shadows before. And then Kathleenlights collaborated with them and I knew I had to try them. I bought two different pallets one I’ll talk about in a later post. They both gave me very different impressions.

And excuse me today I woke up with a hell of a migraine so I’m a little slumpy.

Okay so for 16 dollars you get 12 pressed shades. This has a mix of mattes, shimmers and satins.

Per usual I’ll start off with some swatches and then let you know what I though of the pallet.

Finger Swatches (by row)

All the shadows look beautiful with a finger swatch. All super pigmented and buttery.

Brush swatches(no fix+)

First two rows

With the brush the mattes are still pretty good. The shimmers are okay. There’s some shades that are almost I think are suppose to be pressed glitter and those are hard to use with a dry brush.

Fix+ Swatches(shimmer only)

Most of these preform amazing with some Fix+!

So overall what do I think? Shade range is amazing! You can create some amazing looks with the colors. I’m not impressed with the glittery shades honestly. It’s hard for me to work with them. Sweet Dreams in particular I don’t like at all. It’s not a good shade and there’s no color pay off.

The mattes blend well and a pigmented so that’s great! The packaging is good. There’s no mirror but for the price I can look past that.

Would I recommend this? Honestly probably not. And if you stay tuned to my next Colourpop review you’ll know why. But if you love Kathleen Lights as much as I do this is a staple and you can create some cool looks with this without breaking the bank!

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