Makeup Empties-January 2018

My first empties of 2018! Kind of crazy. If you’re new here I do an empties about once a month. They’re one of my favorites!

Ulta Brow Shaping Gel

This is my favorite eyebrow gel. It’s very intense though!

Benefit Porefessional

This is a really good poor primer. The makeup forever one is my favorite and now that there’s a Sephora in my mall this might not show up as much.

Anastasia Brow Definer in Chocolate

This is my go to. I’ve never found anything better!

Makeup Forever Brush Cleaner

This is an amazing spot cleaner! But my spray cap broke off so it was hard to use. I just bought the IT Cosmetics one so I’ll see how that works.

Too Faced HangoverX Spray

I enjoy this a lot a primer and refresher spray. Not to much a setting spray. So I’m not sure if I’ll buy it again.

Milani Make It Last

This on the other hand! Is amazing. It goes by fast and it’s always sold out though. But I see myself buying that again.

Those are my empties! Let me know the makeup you always repurchase.

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