Colourpop part 2 shadow review-She

Hi guys! A few days ago I reviewed the Dream St shadow pallet from Colourpop and Kathleenlights. Well I said there was a part 2 and here it is!

I bought the She (Fem Rosa) pallet as well. This is also a collab with Karrueche and I honestly don’t know who that is. (Don’t hate me!) I just really liked the colors.

Same as the last review I’m gonna show you my swatches and then tell you my thoughts!

Finger Swatches

Look how beautiful and pigmented!

Brush Swatches (No Fix+)

Brush Swatches with Fix+(shimmers only)

This pallet has 4 mattes and the rest are shimmer. I wish it had more mattes but I’m just a huge matte fan, so that’s okay! You can create endless looks with these colors. And these ARE MY COLORS.

The formula is super buttery and pigmented. And honestly it’s different and better then the dream st one. I don’t know how or why. None of them or chunky and they just glow so much.

I would recommend this soooo much! If this was the only Colourpop shadows I bought I would want all the palletes.

If you tried any of their pallets let me know your thoughts! Thanks for reading guys!

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