Too Faced Soul Mates Bronzer

I just wanted to a simple little review for you guys!

I got this as a Christmas gift, on it, it says Carrie & Big. So I don’t know if there are other ones in this collection but that is the one I have.

It’s a shimmery bronzer but nothing where glitter is going to sit on your face. I just wouldn’t use this to contour. It’s pretty warm any way.

Then there’s a blush in it. It’s pretty. Again it’s shimmery but nothing gross on the face. It’s small and hard to use just on its own.

Then you mix them together. I don’t know if you would want to do that. Maybe as another blush you could.

The bronzer is closest to my wrist and then blush and then mixed is higher up.

Would I personally buy this? No, but I am gonna use it, I do like it though!

I have other Too Faced bronzers I love. The chocolate bronzers are amazing! I would recommend those over this.

Also if you’re this far let me know if you would rather see a bronzer or highlight collection post first!

Thanks for reading. Help reach my 2018 social media goals as well!




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