Maybelline SuperStay Review

So I’ve been looking for a new foundation. And what’s better then testing out some from the drugstore!? If you read my most recent Ulta haul you would know I got two foundations to try. And I tried this one first!

This foundation has a few claims. And that’s what I tested out that last few days.

  • Full coverage
  • 24 wear
  • Seamless matte finish
  • Breathable
  • Fade and transfer resistant
  • Oil free and doesn’t clog poles

Okay so is it full coverage? Yes I think so! I usually use two layers, both half a pump. I do have dry skin so be carful because it being full coverage it can get cakey.

24 wear? No. After about 8 hours on me it breaks apart. It does last a while but one day I had it on at 8/9 in the morning and took it off around 11pm and it looked pretty bad by then honestly. So I would say 8-12 hours depends on your skin type.

Seamless matte finish? Sure! It’s matte for sure and a little drying( on my skin) but it’s a good finish.

Fade and transfer proof? Kind of. It does transfer but not bad and you can’t really tell.

And I would say it doesn’t clog pores because it didn’t break me out! My skin is sensitive. And if it doesn’t like a product it lets me know ASAP.

So I used this foundation is a few different ways. I applied it with a brush for a few days and a damp sponge for a few days. And used my normal primers and tested it with a few powders.

My favorite way is apply with a brush and then go over it with a sponge later. Either way the coverage is full. Like I said it’s drying so tried my normal just make my makeup last primers and a hydrating primers. And then also with a liquid highlighter underneath.

So I liked my regular primers and then some highlight. It looks the best on my skin that way. But a hydrating primer works to! I also just used whatever setting spray I had. And that helps it be hydrating.

When it came to powders a pressed powder looks better then a lose powder in my opinion. Whatever you have will work!

I really like this foundation and I’m gonna keep using it! I bought the shade fair porcelain and it’s a perfect match. I think this will be good for me when I have a longish day and maybe my skin isn’t super dry.

Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts?

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