Makeup Revolution Brow Pomaded

A few months ago I tweeted how I really wanted to try a brow pomade(follow my Twitter-lobellojess😜) So Casey Holmes always raves about this one and since it’s affordable I decided to try it! I’m a brow pencil girl for sure! The Anastasia brow definer is my jam 100%.

But I’ve been testing out the Brow Pomade for a while now and wanted to share my thoughts.

Here are my brows before anything is on them. I have some eye makeup on, foundation and baking. <<<<<<<<<<
y love using it with the brush it came with it. And then I just need a spoolie. I’ve tried it with a few different brushes.

The brush it came with, the morphe B74 and the Japonesque 840.

Here’s what they look like filled in. Keep in mind I’m not a brow expert and I love bold brows.
I like this! I will continue to use it. I do love my brow definer more. But this is good for a bold brow, and it’s quick! I do have to set it with brow gel but I do that anyway. So I give it 8/10.

Here is a picture of my makeup fulling done. And yes I’m in my pajamas.

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