Skin Care Empties February 2018

And we’re back with another! Due to my lack of funds I probably won’t be doing favorites any more. But empties are always a must for me! Here are my recent ski care empties.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost

Can’t be an empties with out a few of these! I found one more after I took the picture to. But I think I’m ready to branch out on this.

Neautrogena Wipes

I always use these. They’re my favorite!

Equate Makeup Wipes

This is the Walmart brand. And they burned my eyes! Do not recommend these at all.

Elf Eye Cream

I’m ready to branch on these as well! But I do recommend this eye cream. It’s like 10 bucks!

L’Oréal Black Clay Mask

It’s a little messy but does great with my skin. I’m finishing up some other masks but after I’m heading out to buy this one again.

Philosophy Purity

I use this as a shower face wash/makeup remover. I love it as it doesn’t strip my skin.

Butts Bees Acne Wash

I use this about 2/4 times a week and helps exfoliate my skin and heal my acne. I can get pretty large pimples from time to time and this helps stop them and cure them.

Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Wash

This is my everyday face wash. I use it to just wash my face with my Luna. It removes excess makeup and helps keep my dry skin not so dry

Glam Glow Hydrating Mask

I like this but it makes my face itch. I don’t know what about it does that. And I can’t leave it on that long so it defeats the purpose.

That’s what I have this month! If you know of some affordable skin care let me know! I’m thinking of try Mario Badescue.

Thanks for reading!

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