Naked Heat Review

Yes I know I’m so late on the hype of these eyeshadows. I never planned on buying it, but it was gifted to me so I thought I would still review it.

I’m usually just a natural to cook tone brown person more then those really warm burnt orange shades. That’s why I never wanted to buy this. Also in the past I owned all 3 of the past naked pallets and ended up just getting rid of them. But since I do own this now let’s talk about it!

The packaging is so cute. It’s the typical naked packaging but it just goes along well with the shades. And you get a brush and they always give you a really good brush.

This pallet retails for 54 dollars US. You get 12 shades and a brush. That’s about 4.50 a shade and then a brush which I don’t think is a bad deal.

The shadows are a little powdery at least the matte ones are. And honestly I thought they were a little hard to blend. It might be my primer but when I used concealer they creased but did blend better. I did notice a little creasing as well throughout the day.

The shimmers are really pretty and have a good punch to them. I don’t think you need to use them wet at all.

You can get some really pretty looks with this pallet. Here are my swatches. I’ll first start out with just my basic finger one swipe swatches.

For brush swatches I used the brush it came with. I used the left side of the brush

Here are all the matte shades

The shimmer/satin shades without and fix+

And then shimmer shades with fix+

This is the first pallet I reviewed that the brush swatches performed better then finger swatches. I’m not sure why but obviously these shades have pigment to them.

Would I have bought this myself after this? No, honestly I wouldn’t. But if you are a warm shadow lover I would go into your local store and swatch it and see what you think.

If you’re a naked collector this is one to have for sure I think it’s better then the past 3 formula wise.

Those are my thoughts! Thanks for reading 🙂

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