Anastasia Beverly Hills Haul

So as soon as ABH released their new items I had to buy them! I’m gonna review all these separate but I wanted to show you because I don’t know when that’s gonna happen.

Powder Bronzer in Rich Amber

This looks it’s gonna be way to dark for me. But I’ll test it out a few times and let you know. It’s also a lot more warm then I thought it was gonna be. But the formula feels amazing.

Amrezy Highlight

I don’t follow Amrezy but I fell into the hype on this. It just looked so pretty. And it is so pretty! I hope I’m not to pale for it.

Soft Glam

This was the main thing I’m excited for! I didn’t swatch them all because I have to be somewhere soon, but I’m so excited to play around with this soon.

That’s all I have! What’s you’re favorite ABH item?

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