ABH Bronzer and Highlight Review

Another review! I’m just finishing my ABH reviews for you guys. I recently posted my Soft Glam Review and also the haul of these products before that.

But instead of breaking this up I thought I would post them together, to make for a longer better blog post.

The Bronzer

I bought the shade Rich Amber. It looked lighter online in my opinion. It’s very dark on me! But if I use a light hand I can get away with it. It is a bronzer not a contour at least on me. But I did get away with using it on my nose(kind of)

The pigment is beautiful! It’s just dark so I am going back and forth on returning it.

The highlight

The famous Amrezy Highlight. I love this! Even on my fair skin it looks amazing. You don’t need a lot unless you want a lot but it looks great on the skin. If I don’t blend it out a lot though it can look like a stripe on me because I am so pale. But get this! You need this!

Did you buy any of her bronzers or this Highlight? What did you think of them?

Let me know and thanks for reading!

Also help me reach my 2018 social media goals!




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