My Powders and how I Use Them

Hi guys! I’m not working to much right now due to a long story I’ll update you about later, so I’m pushing out the blog posts!

Today I just wanted to talk about my 3 go to powders and how and what I use them for.

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

I use this to bake my under eyes, sides of my mouth, any lines and sometimes contours. I usually bake my nose contour but I don’t bake my cheek contour to often. Once and awhile I use it to set my whole face but not to often either. I know this powder cost a lot of money but it’s amazing. If I’m not using this I use the RCMA No Color Powder

Wet and Wild PhotoFocus Powder

I use this to set my entire face. This is good for when I have more of a matte foundation but still needs to set this. It doesn’t have much coverage but that’s fine with me. It doesn’t look like it ever changes the foundations. It’s just a great powder and I think it’s like 5 dollars.

Becca Pressed Powder

I cant find this anywhere online. So I’m not sure if it’s available, but that’s just weird. This was like 35 dollars and is very small. I won’t buy this again for that reason. But this is a full coverage powder. So if I’m ever having a really bad skin day I use this powder. It’s a little dark but it was the lightest shade. I don’t reach for this often just the days I need more coverage.

Those are my powders! If you have any powder recommendations let me know!

Also help me reach my 2018 social media goals.




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