My Bronzer Collection

Coming at you with another collection post! I don’t know when my last one was. But here are all my bronzers. It also includes contour pallets.

And excuse my nails. They’re a mess right now 🙃

Physician Formula Butter Bronzer

This is he lightest shade. I do have to build it up. But it’s my everyday work bronzer. It’s just sooo perfect. Worth the hype!

Wet and Wild Contour Duo

This is obviously very loved. I like this a lot for nose contour. It was only a few bucks so if you can get it do it! They have two shades.

Hoola by Benefit

Who doesn’t own this bronzer though? This is the one they sent me when they sent them all out with names on them. I’m very appreciative of them sending me this! But if you just need a good bronzer that also contours, can’t go wrong with hoola!

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil in Medium Deep

This is very loved to. It’s a great bronzer and I use it when I want to look a little more deep and not so everyday

Tarte Park Ave Princess

This has a little shimmer in it. But I still really enjoy it.

Anastasia Rich Auburn

This is pretty dark for me. But with a light hand I’ll make it work sometimes. But the formula is amazing!

Too Faced Sweet Heart Duo

This was a gift. I don’t ever reach for it. It’s not bad, just not for me I guess. I do try to make myself use it though.

Kat Von D Shade and Light

This is my favorite!! My light contour broke out but I still use it. It’s almost time for a new one though. GET THIS

Too Faced Cocoa Contour

This is really good to. This has my favorite under eye highlight shade ever. I wish they sold it separate. But I like to mix these two together for the perfect shade!


Let me know what your favorite bronzer is and thanks for reading!

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