My Blush Collection

Hello guys! How is everything going? Here’s another one of my collection posts. I am really starting to enjoy those actually! I hope you guys to.

Tarte Amazon Clay Blush is Concept

This is probably my all time favorite. They last so long and the color is pretty. I want to get more of these so bad!

Milani in luminoso

This is an og. Everyone use to talk about this. I love this! It makes me look glowy. But I probably need a new one because this is old.

Benefit Dallas

This is my go to usually if I don’t know what blush to wear. This just blends so well and it’s just that perfect middle between bronzer and highlight.

Colourpop Blush and Highlight Duo

I can not find the name anywhere on the packaging. I love this blush when I’m tan. It’s good on pale skin but when I’m tan it’s soooo beautiful. It just makes you so warm.

And I’m not searching the highlight because that can wait for the highlight collection 😉

Pacifica Blush Duo

I put a mixed swatch below the two. I like the orange blush a lot. Unlike the colourpop one I can use this one a little more when I’m pale. The pink one I stay away from because it makes me look sick. And I don’t mix them often for that same reason.

Benefit Cheekathon

This is the star of my blush collection! I take this when I travel because I have so many options and I have a bronzer that I don’t have to pack. The only thing is I want to get rid of my Dallas single but no one loves it as much as I do 🤷🏻‍♀️ They have two of these, if you don’t love these colors. I would recommend checking them out for sure!

Thanks for reading guys! I’m looking for more blushes as well. So leave your favorites!

Also help me with my social media goals!




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