Small clothing haul

I used to be very into fashion. But now that I have a dress code at my job it’s pretty much non ripped skinny jeans and t shirts everyday. I’m not complaining but I would love to talk about clothes more! So I bought a few things and just wanted to show you!

Bra is from Victoria secret size medium. I wore this to the gym and honestly the cups are way to big but the back fits. So I’ll keep it. The pants are old navy size medium. They are my first pair of Old Navy workout pants and wow! I’m in love they stay up so well. I have the hardest problem of work out pants staying up because of my body type. So these are a blessing.

I bought a grey sports bra from Old Navy as well but it was dirty 🤷🏻‍♀️ but it was just grey.

Pink shirt size small. It is cropped but it’s not to bad on me. With high raise pants it’s perfect. And I can wear this to work Victoria Secret size large. I bought this big hoping it wouldn’t be cropped. But it’s not haha so this will be cute in the fall! Just not to work.

Maurice’s size small. I pulled this out to show how much room it has. It’s going to look so cute with a bralette.

Maurice’s size small. I bought this for work. They have they’re fall line out and this is part of it. At work I won’t wear it tied up. But just so you can get an idea I’m 5’3. And my torso is short. So I like to tie and tuck in a lot of shirts. Originally this about as long to cover my butt.

Maurice’s size medium. This shirt had no stretch so I went up one size. I really enjoy this tie die effect of this shirt. Graphics aren’t my favorite but I think this is so cute.

Any way! My jeans aren’t new but they are American Eagle if you’re interested in them.

Thanks for reading! And again if you didn’t know I do work at Maurice’s 90% of my clothes are from there. But let me know you favorites places to shop for summer!

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