July Makeup Empties

Hi guys. I know a lot of empties have been going up. One was double posted by mistake or something wrong. And I’ve been in a writing slump as well. But I can always count on my monthly empties. I like them so that’s all that matters.

It’s been raining all day so excuse the weird lighting. It’s pretty dark in my whole apartment.

Also since it’s 4th of July is right around the corner I thought a fun star background would help me feel a little less writer slumpy!

IT Cosmetics Brush Cleaner

This was okay. I’m not the biggest fan but hey it works so why not use it up. But I want to try the Sonia Kasushk one from target so bad! Let me know if you have any favorite instant brush cleaners.

Ulta Brow Gel

I like this and I don’t. I feel like it dries up super fast but it does a good job holding my brows. I might buy this again. Right now I’m testing a new one that I actually really am enjoying! Maybe stay tune for a favorites.

ABH Brow Definer in Chocolate

This is my go to! But again I’ve been trying something new. Sooo with that said if you also know of any good eyebrow brushes from any brand let me know

Tarte Shape Tape

Do I really need to talk about this? It’s a staple in everyone’s collection.

Lorac Eye Primer

I use to be in love with this! I don’t know if my eye type changed or this changed but I feel like my lid shades always end up in my crease now when I use this. I don’t like using conclear as primer so again 😂 if you have any recommendations let me know!

Too Faced Chocolate Soliel Bronzer

This was also a staple! I have a lot of bronzers to go through right now before I buy more but I really see myself putting this back into my collection.

Smashbox Primer Water

Again this is just a product I don’t know about. I like it some days and feel no deference other days. But I used it up!

Urban Decay All Nighter

Again a staple for everyone! I love this. I go back and forth with this and the next one I’m gonna talk about.

Milani Make it Last

I really love this. It’s 8 dollars at Walmart and it does make my makeup last longer. I just heard they use a lot of alcohol in it and it can be bad for your skin so that’s why I go back to the urban Decay one every once and a while.

Dirty Girl Primer Spray

I liked this while it lasted. I don’t know where to get it because it was a gift but it did make my face tacky before makeup and was a good spray of moisture. But with that I don’t know where to get it and I don’t want to look so maybe I’ll go back to B6 from urban Decay.

But that’s what I have this month! Answer all my questions down below I love trying new things!

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