My Everyday Makeup Routine

Hi guys! I wanted to let you know how I did my makeup everyday. And by everyday I mean Monday-Friday. I’m up at 5:30 to go to work but I still want to look like a person ya know. I use a lot more then I thought I did honestly! And also if my mouth looks a little funky I did just come home the dentist 🙃 Here’s the before

I always start with my brows. I use the Revolution Brow Pomade and Nyx Brow Gel. The gel switches to whatever I’m trying at the moment. I use pomades during the week because I can’t get them done quicker then when I use a pencil.

Next I prime my eyes using the Lorac Eye Primer. Even if I’m not using eyeshadow I apply this because any thing else creases on me.

Step 3 is face primer, and this is where I go crazy. I use the MUF Smoothing primer on my nose and any where I have big pores. Then I go in with the Smashbox primer. Then I use a spray, this differs to but right now I’m using B6 by Urban Decay

During the work week I don’t use foundation. I work with kids and I just don’t see the point. But I do want to cover up any acne, redness and darkness. So I mix my Urban Decay Naked and Tarte Shape Tape. Sometimes I use a brush or a sponge. Just depends. The Tarte is for more problem areas such as super dark circles or large pimples like I have now.

To set this I use two powders as well. The Maybelline Fit Me Lose Powder. This is for any crease areas, such as my under eyes and around my mouth. Wet and Wild Pressed Powder, I use to set the rest of my face.

Then I define the face with some bronzer and highlight. These differ a lot it’s whatever I’m in the mood for. But the Physician Formula Butter Bronzer and Becca Moonstone Highlight are what I usually grab so I used those today.

I then highlight my inner corner and brow bone. Sometimes I just use my highlight but often times I use an eyeshadow. Today I used the Dream St Palette by Colourpop and Kathleenlights

I then apply mascara. I’ve been using Benefit Roller Lash for a while.

And last I use a setting spray. I either for in with Urban Decay All Nighter or the Milani Make It Last. That’s what I used today. Here’s the finished look.

Now if I have time I’ll add a little eyeshadow and blush. I’ll just take a crease color and then whatever blush I want to reach for. Again I used the Dream St Palette and for blush used my Tarte Blush in Concept

It’s hard to show on camera but the blush and eyeshadow do make a difference. At least I think so!

But that’s my routine. I know it’s actually a lot 😅 but hey I can do it all pretty quickly and be ready for work. If you have yours let me know I would love to take a look!

Thanks ❤️

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