6 month fitness journey!

Hey guys. So this is a little different kind of post for me. I’m not gonna lie, this post is more for my own progress to watch myself. But I want to talk about a few things here.

I started working out back in February. So it’s a little past 6 months but I’m a busy person!

So I wanted to talk about my routine and why I did this. I’m pretty okay with my body. Yeah I’m not in great shape but for the most part I’m happy. My stomach could be a little smaller and my back could be more toned.

I work out 3-4 times a week give or take. If something comes up like a baby sitting job or I don’t feel good I don’t go. I’m more trying to gain muscle then lose weight. So I work out my arms,legs, back, chest, and abs. Days very. And about twice a month I due a pure cardio day.

Today I weighed in at 155. I’m not gonna lie I don’t know what I weighed in February but I know it wasn’t much different lol.

So here’s my body back in February.

Here’s my body today

A few months ago I posted a clothing haul. So keep in mind people who post “fitness pictures” are very good at angles. And I want to show that. With high rise tight leggings and a good pose my body and any body is going to look different.

I also try to eat pretty healthy during the week. Here’s a glimpse into my meal preps.

It’s a protein, veggie and carb. With this said I also love to eat out and enjoy a drink a two on the weekends.

I just don’t eat like this everyday. And my snacks are healthy usually. Rice cakes, fruit stuff like that. But I work at a day care where they serve food and I do eat with the children to an extent. So that can make it hard to stay on track but hey it’s life!

So I don’t think my body has changed much and I’m okay with it! I can run and not be out of breathe in 5 minutes. I can’t lift more and my legs are stronger. And honestly that’s what I wanted! I want to feel healthier and be healthier.

So if you have any tips, or your fitness post I would love to read them!

Thanks for reading!

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