Does primer spray work?

I’m all for a good primer! And with my super dry skin I’m all for anything that is going to hydrate my face. So I’ve been using primer sprays lately. When I first started using them I thought it was a gimmick. How could they work ya know? So the last few weeks I’ve been testing two out and comparing them.

I just tested it on my everyday makeup look so I was using all the same products and wearing it for the same amount of time.

The first one I used was the Urban Decay B6

Then I used the Smashbox Primer Water

And then for a few days I didn’t use one at all. I used my MUF Primer and Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.

So what were my thoughts? They work! I think they helps make my make last and helped my makeup look a little less dry. What one did I think was better? I’ve been ride or die for B6 but I think Primer Water works better! My makeup seemed to last a little longer with it. But they both work good.

So go out and buy one and see what you think!

Help me reach my 2018 social media goals! There’s only a few months left.




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