Sephora VIB Haul

It’s here! Everyone’s favorite time of the year. A VIB sale. I honestly never buy from Sephora unless they have a sale. Just because I like to shop at ulta so much more. But this is what I got!

Smashbox Primer

I’m probably returning this. I love this primer, and I’m about to run out but I also forgot it’s almost winter here which means my skin is gonna be super dry and I won’t be able to use this primer and I don’t want this sitting in a drawer until next summer.

Natasha Denona Camel Palette

I’ve never used her shadows, and I thought this would be the perfect time to try. And I went with something I knew I could get use out of. So stay tuned for a review!

Drunk Elephant Rise and Glow Duo

I always want to try out this brand so I always try small. I love the little packaging it came in!

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

This is my current favorite so I bought it with a discount!

Becca Hydramist Powder

Like I just said my skin gets soooo dry. But I love powder! So I had to try this. I heard good things so hopefully it lives up to the hype.

Too Faced HangoverX Primer

Hi again I have dry skin…. and this is my favorite hydrating primer. So I picked it up. But I’m mad because it was part of the Ulta 21 days of beauty and I could have got it for half off! But oh well.

But share what you got during this sale!

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