Skin care empties September 18

Hi guys! I have some down time while I’m here on vacation in Ireland so I thought I would try to get something up!

I’m gonna start with things I’ve talked about 100 times so we can get them out of the way!

St Tropez Tanner Mouse

Right now this is my favorite self tan but I am trying to test some more. But highly recommend! I get about 3/4 shades darker and it fades well. I’ll talk about this more when I review my self tans.

L’Oréal Pure Clay Blue Mask

This is the argile-pure one. It’s blue and dries a little grey. I didn’t like this. I felt like it didn’t do much for my skin. The black one though is great!

Mario Bedescu Chamomile Night Cream

This was okay. It was a good cream, nothing great. But it burned to shit out of my eyes. And yes on it, it says not to use on the eyes but even if it got a little close it would burn for ever.

Mario Bedescu Chamomile Eye Cream

I’m in need of a good eye cream so please recommend! Again, this burned my eyes and it’s a eye cream! Not for me.

Burts Bees acne Solutions

This worked well for me but I’m switching it because I feel as if my skin got used to it. But I liked it a lot for my acne!

Yes To:Cucumbers Soothing Face Wash

This doesn’t strip my dry skin from anything and really just gives me a good deep clean so I keep using it!

Origins Modern Friction Exfoliate

If you want a good, deep exfoliater this is for you! It’s a little rough, but the way my skin looks and feels after is amazing. I only use this once a week and a more gentle one after when needed. But it’s worth it!

That’s all my empties this month! I hope everyone is happy it’s fall and is ready. I know I am 🙂

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