Ulta Haul

This has been sitting for a while. I went to ulta before I left for my trip to Ireland so a lot of these purchases are for that. But with all these hauls I do have some reviews 😊 do you guys want a post on my trip though? Let me know!

Shea Moisture Rehydaration Treatment Masque

I’ve used this a few times and so for I really enjoy it! It was only like 12 dollars I think? What a deal! I’m really starting to enjoy this Shea Moisture brand.

Tarte Pro To Go

I gonna do a few review on this so I’m not gonna say much. But I needed a highlight to travel with so I got this because it was the perfect size!

St Tropez Glove 

I needed a new tanning mit. I’m trying out tans for a blogpost so if you have anyone’s that you love let me know!

Benefit Mascara Set

This was a deal! This was 36 dollars for 3 mascara! Like what?! I gave the They’re Real to my mom because it’s her favorite and kept rollar lash and I’m gonna review Bad Gal.

Maybelline Lose Fit Me Powder

I was just running out and picked this up to to travel with. I don’t know if I ever talked about this on my blog but I love this lose powder so much! It’s drugstore and amazing! You need to try it if you can.

Maybelline Pressed Fit Me Powder

Again I needed this for travel. I haven’t used this in a while but I do like it again! It’s just a good setting powder for all over my face is my foundation is just to wet for bronzer and such.

Wet and Wild Photo Focus Foundation 

I’ve heard good things so I brought this on my vacation. I think I’m learning about myself I don’t like full coverage foundation on me, I like light to medium and this is to matte for me but it’s cheap so I’ll keep trying it out.

Travel Mac Fix+

Just a mini to travel with!

Milani Make It Last

I bought this to travel to and I love this but I know this one was defective. The mist is just a hard spray of liquid. I couldn’t even use it and I’m very upset about it.

Smashbox Travel Primer

Again just to travel with! I do use this primer during the summer and really enjoy it.

Smashbox Travel Primer Water

This has quickly became a need in my routine so of course I had to bring one to travel with!

That’s what I got at Ulta! Have you done any shopping lately? Let me know.

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