Morphe Armed and Gorgeous x Jaclyn Hill

Another review here! I just want to say I didn’t buy this, it was gifted to me. I had no intentions on buying any of the vault collection, as I’m not the hugest Morphe fan and the reviews have been all over the place.

So I thought, one more all over the place review can’t hurt.

I’m gonna do my typical swatch style. Finger swatches, brush swatches and Fix+ brush swatches with the shimmers.

Finger Swatches

Matte Brush Swatches

I also wanted to point out the kickback from these swatches on the matte shades

Agent is bad when it comes to fall out! The rest I can handle on the eye but that one was a little much.

Shimmer Brush Swatches

Fix+ Brush Swatches

I wanted the share some looks I did with this pallet. I’ve tested every shade but Coin, just because I don’t like colors like that one me.

The gold isn’t really picking up but it was very bright!

For the most part I really did enjoy these eyeshadows. The green is a big no from me. It made me look very sick. But that must just be my skin tone. Agent was hard to blend I had to sit there for a while to get this to blend out. And the purple could be a little more pigmented but that’s just me.

These are $15 dollars and they come with a mirror. I say if you see one that you like, try it! I don’t think they’re bad. The swatches are good and they preform well on the eye. This is Morphe not a high end brand, I think everyone needs to calm down a little.

Yes I also tried one and can’t speak for the other 3. But hey! I liked it. I’m not bad at it. I would give it 7/10.

Thanks for reading! If you tried any parts of the vault including the brushes let me know 😊 I’d love to read your reviews.

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