Natasha Denona Camel Eyeshadow

I’ve always wanted to try Natasha Denona shadows. But like hi pricy. I bought this during the last Sephora Sale, and since the next Sephora sale is going on why not talk about it!

I picked out the camel one because I would use it more then any other one and it would be more worth it. The price is $48 for 5 shadows.

Finger Swatches

Brush Swatches

They have a little kick up, nothing to bad though. The one is a little much but if you just dip lightly you’re fine. They’re crazy pigmented anyway!

Fix+ Brush Swatches

Look at these 😍 like how? What? I don’t even have words.

Like I said these are so pigmented! And they blend like a DREAM. This is probably my new favorite everyday eyeshadow pallet. They are so worth the price. At least this one is! With the new Sephora sale, I would find one that you would like and try them out. I don’t know if I would ever get the big pallets but maybe one day.

The only thing I don’t like is I don’t have a highlight shade. I’m a pale girl but if you are darker you could use the 2nd shade as one.

Here’s some looks I did 😊


Have you tried any of her shadows? What do you think of them?

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